SSAT Analogies Practice Test 8

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1. Loom is to appear as

  • A. weave is to wool
  • B. root is to dig
  • C. come is to go
  • D. seem is to be
  • E. warp is to woof

2. Escape is to flee as

  • A. run is to hide
  • B. break is to enter
  • C. hide is to seek
  • D. captive is to captor
  • E. dismount is to alight

3. Assent is to dissent as

  • A. assert is to desert
  • B. compact is to expansive
  • C. assist is to desist
  • D. obtain is to retain
  • E. future is to futility

4. Nature is to nurture as

  • A. father is to mother
  • B. authentic is to artificial
  • C. congenital is to acquired
  • D. native is to alien
  • E. home is to school

5. Squat is to crouch as

  • A. incise is to precise
  • B. countenance is to face
  • C. lax is to strict
  • D. molten is to solid
  • E. mongrel is to puppy

6. Rudder is to steering as

  • A. razor is to shaving
  • B. wheel is to turning
  • C. cow is to grazing
  • D. cloud is to raining
  • E. stapling is to stapler

7. Standee is to seat as

  • A. kitty is to litter
  • B. apple is to pie
  • C. salt is to ocean
  • D. acorn is to oak
  • E. nomad is to home

8. Pauper is to poor as

  • A. shoe is to pair
  • B. book is to long
  • C. skyscraper is to high
  • D. bed is to make
  • E. clever is to owl

9. Cursory is to superficial as

  • A. dismal is to cheerful
  • B. approbation is to consecration
  • C. death is to victory
  • D. desultory is to aimless
  • E. heroism is to reward

10. Prattle is to baby as discourse is to

  • A. conversation
  • B. scholar
  • C. speech
  • D. subject
  • E. lecture

11. Dose is to medicine as portion is to

  • A. dessert
  • B. serving
  • C. potion
  • D. food
  • E. section

12. Bowl is to soup as plate is to

  • A. cup
  • B. fork
  • C. dinner
  • D. china
  • E. meat

13. Gram is to ounce as meter is to

  • A. mile
  • B. pound
  • C. yard
  • D. weigh
  • E. measure

14. Flower is to seed as seed is to

  • A. plant
  • B. water
  • C. grow
  • D. food
  • E. nut

15. Oil is to earth as salt is to

  • A. shaker
  • B. pepper
  • C. blood pressure
  • D. lick
  • E. sea