SSAT Upper Level Analogies Practice Test 24

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1. Agenda is to meeting as

  • A. plan is to purpose
  • B. mission is to journey
  • C. plot is to revenge
  • D. itinerary is to atlas
  • E. program is to play

2. Pork is to sausage as

  • A. pig is to cow
  • B. toast is to bread
  • C. cheese is to grater
  • D. egg is to mayonnaise
  • E. sugar is to flour

3. Recording is to sounds as

  • A. filming is to celebrity
  • B. embroidery is to finesse
  • C. portraiture is to likenesses
  • D. photography is to journalism
  • E. easel is to painting

4. Abundance is to supply as

  • A. idol is to belief
  • B. posterity is to will
  • C. education is to class
  • D. affluence is to wealth
  • E. wish is to fulfillment

5. Professor is to lecture as pastor is to

  • A. sermon
  • B. thesis
  • C. robe
  • D. husbandry
  • E. congregation

6. Sheep is to weaver as

  • A. cattle is to tanner
  • B. butcher is to hogs
  • C. crop is to miner
  • D. electrician is to carpenter
  • E. dog is to cat

7. Trot is to gallop as

  • A. prance is to strut
  • B. drain is to flood
  • C. echo is to sound
  • D. squall is to storm
  • E. breeze is to gale

8. Loquacious is to verbose as tranquil is to

  • A. dull
  • B. heft
  • C. peaceful
  • D. submissive
  • E. fastidious

9. Barometer is to pressure as

  • A. odometer is to speed
  • B. colorimeter is to density
  • C. stethoscope is to galaxy
  • D. phonograph is to light
  • E. thermometer is to dew point

10. Gluttony is to craving as

  • A. pride is to fall
  • B. jealousy is to envy
  • C. droplets is to hurricane
  • D. essay is to eulogy
  • E. sloth is to movement

11. Buttress is to support as

  • A. door is to jamb
  • B. nest is to freedom
  • C. sloop is to marina
  • D. placemat is to table
  • E. food is to nourishment

12. Expel is to school as

  • A. accept is to academy
  • B. beguile is to charm
  • C. testify is to court
  • D. erect is to bridge
  • E. disqualify is to competition

13. Suspended is to fired as fostered is to

  • A. dealt
  • B. adopted
  • C. inspired
  • D. derided
  • E. elevated

14. Prevaricate is to lie as

  • A. procrastinate is to demonstrate
  • B. intimidate is to wander
  • C. implicate is to guess
  • D. dawdle is to delay
  • E. doodle is to hurry

15. Deed is to ownership as

  • A. fact is to trial
  • B. license is to permission
  • C. embargo is to trade
  • D. rite is to passage
  • E. pact is to secrecy