SSAT Verbal: Analogies Practice Test 18

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1. Occasional is to constant as

  • A. intermittent is to incessant
  • B. intramural is to inconsistent
  • C. frequent is to incessant
  • D. inadvertent is to accidental
  • E. infrequent is to irregular

2. Active is to mobile as

  • A. mobile is to immobile
  • B. inflammable is to extinguished
  • C. sedentary is to immobile
  • D. sensational is to movement
  • E. immobile is to movement

3. Eliminate is to optional as

  • A. maintain is to option
  • B. retain is to essential
  • C. option is to opportunity
  • D. sequential is to order
  • E. delete is to amend

4. Allude is to refer as

  • A. illusion is to reality
  • B. similar is to disparate
  • C. imply is to state
  • D. conclude is to infer
  • E. guess is to know

5. Plane is to charter as

  • A. worker is to use
  • B. assistant is to appoint
  • C. person is to hire
  • D. manager is to salary
  • E. lawyer is to judge

6. Superscript is to subscript as

  • A. export is to expert
  • B. introvert is to convert
  • C. impede is to intercede
  • D. subscription is to prescription
  • E. introvert is to extrovert

7. Complement is to compliment as

  • A. wonder is to wander
  • B. surfeit is to surface
  • C. interface is to surface
  • D. style is to stile
  • E. effect is to affect

8. Premonition is to prophesy as

  • A. preface is to prologue
  • B. predict is to relate
  • C. prologue is to epilogue
  • D. history is to archives
  • E. preamble is to conclusion

9. Collaboration is to cooperation as

  • A. collation is to correction
  • B. concentration is to quiet
  • C. coercion is to submission
  • D. compromise is to promise
  • E. computation is to add

10. Revert is to reversion as

  • A. interest is to intercession
  • B. invert is to overt
  • C. sympathize is to sympathy
  • D. sympathy is to sympathetic
  • E. introvert is to extrovert

11. Salesperson is to commission as

  • A. author is to royalty
  • B. agent is to actor
  • C. tip is to waiter
  • D. fee is to charge
  • E. royalty is to fee

12. Harassment is to anger as

  • A. disappointment is to sorrow
  • B. height is to weight
  • C. laughter is to tears
  • D. marriage is to love
  • E. engagement is to marry

13. Divulge is to disclose as

  • A. revise is to create
  • B. advise is to edit
  • C. dispel is to collect
  • D. bulge is to close
  • E. appraise is to estimate

14. Sodium is to salt as

  • A. torch is to acetylene
  • B. ammonia is to pneumonia
  • C. oxygen is to water
  • D. balloon is to helium
  • E. air is to carbon

15. Cautious is to impulsive as

  • A. furious is to anger
  • B. caustic is to biting
  • C. creative is to work
  • D. punish is to behavior
  • E. secretive is to candid