SSAT Upper Level Analogies Practice Test 21

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1. Defiance is to opposition as exertion is to

  • A. expert
  • B. vigor
  • C. endeavor
  • D. restraint
  • E. challenge

2. Food is to nutrition as light is to

  • A. watt
  • B. bulb
  • C. electricity
  • D. reading
  • E. vision

3. Perpetuity is to impermanence as interminable is to

  • A. impertinent
  • B. brief
  • C. incessant
  • D. eternal
  • E. occasional

4. Erratic is to predictable as exorbitant is to

  • A. reasonable
  • B. productive
  • C. absorbent
  • D. small
  • E. implicit

5. Comment is to speech as

  • A. question is to answer
  • B. exclamation is to statement
  • C. written is to spoken
  • D. prose is to essay
  • E. note is to letter

6. Flammable is to inflammable as

  • A. persistent is to important
  • B. opportune is to inopportune
  • C. relevant is to incoherent
  • D. truculent is to intrusion
  • E. impartial is to disinterested

7. Tailor is to pattern as builder is to

  • A. architect
  • B. contractor
  • C. foundation
  • D. construct
  • E. blueprint

8. Impeach is to dismiss as

  • A. arraign is to indict
  • B. accuse is to charge
  • C. imprison is to jail
  • D. plant is to sow
  • E. absent is to present

9. Speedy is to greyhound as

  • A. wool is to lamb
  • B. shark is to voracious
  • C. clever is to fox
  • D. mammal is to whale
  • E. fin is to fish

10. Exhale is to lung as

  • A. exhume is to corpse
  • B. pump is to heart
  • C. think is to brain
  • D. perspire is to skin
  • E. taste is to tongue

11. Celebrate is to birth as

  • A. grieve is to death
  • B. announce is to birthday
  • C. crime is to penalty
  • D. joy is to lament
  • E. party is to graduation

12. Recommend is to urge as

  • A. request is to plead
  • B. refuse is to deny
  • C. harass is to bother
  • D. cajole is to insult
  • E. apply is to receive

13. Weeping is to tears as breathing is to

  • A. air
  • B. lungs
  • C. nose
  • D. mouth
  • E. carbon dioxide

14. Plane is to air pocket as

  • A. vehicle is to rut
  • B. hangar is to airport
  • C. ground is to sky
  • D. safety is to danger
  • E. horse is to reins

15. Arbitrate is to dispute as

  • A. solve is to mystery
  • B. regard is to problem
  • C. exacerbate is to problem
  • D. organize is to labor
  • E. management is to union