SSAT Upper Level Verbal: Analogies Practice Test 25

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1. Mar is to destroy as

  • A. paint is to pose
  • B. smear is to clean
  • C. buff is to polish
  • D. admire is to venerate
  • E. edit is to shorten

2. Hoarding is to stockpile as

  • A. overhearing is to testimony
  • B. overseeing is to ignorance
  • C. overlooking is to omission
  • D. overpaying is to admission
  • E. overbooking is to concession

3. Foul is to smell as

  • A. sour is to sight
  • B. wrong is to right
  • C. soft is to touch
  • D. fair is to play
  • E. rancid is to taste

4. Solicitous is to caretaker as

  • A. duplicitous is to ally
  • B. pompous is to cheerleader
  • C. wise is to sage
  • D. patience is to doctor
  • E. brief is to pundit

5. Insulation is to cooling as antibiotic is to

  • A. dehydration
  • B. infection
  • C. distinction
  • D. reflection
  • E. correction

6. Recalcitrance is to mischief as

  • A. indifference is to praise
  • B. refusal is to hesitation
  • C. remonstrance is to remorse
  • D. cardinal is to ordinal
  • E. disinterest is to opinion

7. Axle is to wheel as

  • A. crank is to winch
  • B. joist is to jib
  • C. rope is to slat
  • D. candle is to power
  • E. lead is to pencil

8. Entrée is to menu as

  • A. word is to lexicon
  • B. oboe is to reed
  • C. résumé is to skill
  • D. psalm is to church
  • E. paragraph is to stanza

9. Hint is to proclaim as

  • A. aggravate is to irritate
  • B. sip is to guzzle
  • C. taste is to sample
  • D. portend is to warn
  • E. hit is to strike

10. Flurry is to blizzard as

  • A. drench is to water
  • B. parch is to quench
  • C. day is to month
  • D. seep is to deluge
  • E. flourish is to fade

11. Obfuscate is to enlighten as

  • A. dictate is to teach
  • B. imbibe is to drink
  • C. enervate is to waste
  • D. dim is to darken
  • E. indulge is to abstain

12. Cloying is to odor as

  • A. raunchy is to language
  • B. historical is to romance
  • C. gaudy is to fashion
  • D. emotive is to cinema
  • E. maudlin is to sentiment

13. Ballet is to dance as

  • A. café is to eatery
  • B. finale is to play
  • C. cliché is to criticism
  • D. bouquet is to flowers
  • E. cachet is to rank

14. Table is to postpone as

  • A. display is to restrain
  • B. seat is to shuffle
  • C. shelve is to shove
  • D. plug is to promote
  • E. wave is to crest

15. Peel is to apple as

  • A. leaf is to spinach
  • B. skin is to potato
  • C. seed is to watermelon
  • D. stone is to peach
  • E. split is to banana

16. Baton is to conducting as

  • A. prod is to shepherding
  • B. wand is to blessing
  • C. laser is to taming
  • D. knife is to scooping
  • E. flag is to protesting