SSAT Analogies Practice Test 12

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1. Nothing is to everything as whisper is to

  • A. mystery
  • B. something
  • C. shout
  • D. ghost
  • E. quiet

2. Day is to night as sun is to

  • A. solar
  • B. heat
  • C. universe
  • D. moon
  • E. star

3. Weak is to strong as incapable is to

  • A. clumsy
  • B. cowardly
  • C. adept
  • D. failure
  • E. impossible

4. Advance is to halt as

  • A. stop is to go
  • B. return is to change
  • C. go is to stop
  • D. conquer is to take
  • E. yield is to change

5. Skillful is to clumsy as

  • A. embarrassing is to awkward
  • B. quick is to swift
  • C. smooth is to slick
  • D. tired is to exhausted
  • E. alert is to sleepy

6. Enemies is to friends as

  • A. pacify is to quiet
  • B. hate is to dislike
  • C. defeat is to lose
  • D. despise is to esteem
  • E. jump is to leap

7. Blame is to praise as

  • A. ascend is to climb
  • B. defeat is to condemn
  • C. succeed is to defeat
  • D. emerge is to emanate
  • E. fail is to succeed

8. Window is to pane as door is to

  • A. panel
  • B. knob
  • C. hinge
  • D. key
  • E. lock

9. Paragraph is to sentence as sentence is to

  • A. modifier
  • B. word
  • C. composition
  • D. grammar
  • E. contraction

10. Nut is to shell as pea is to

  • A. shooter
  • B. soup
  • C. green
  • D. bean
  • E. pod

11. Antler is to deer as

  • A. tusk is to husk
  • B. animal is to elephant
  • C. tusk is to elephant
  • D. horn is to antler
  • E. cat is to whisker

12. Jewel is to ring as

  • A. stone is to ruby
  • B. locket is to necklace
  • C. precious is to stone
  • D. iron is to chain
  • E. rock is to diamond

13. Pit is to peach as

  • A. sun is to star
  • B. moon is to Earth
  • C. plane is to Earth
  • D. moon is to orbit
  • E. sun is to solar system

14. Page is to book as

  • A. period is to comma
  • B. novel is to book
  • C. word is to page
  • D. library is to story
  • E. paragraph is to word

15. State is to country as

  • A. continent is to world
  • B. world is to continent
  • C. country is to city
  • D. ocean is to shore
  • E. city is to town