SSAT Analogies Practice Test 3

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1. Flood is to drought as

  • A. rich is to poor
  • B. camel is to desert
  • C. drizzle is to downpour
  • D. evening is to night
  • E. gold is to silver

2. Voracious is to gluttonous as

  • A. hungry is to thirsty
  • B. warm is to hot
  • C. potent is to strong
  • D. flight is to fight
  • E. yard is to meter

3. Hurricane is to wind as

  • A. wind is to water
  • B. typhoon is to wind
  • C. tornado is to twister
  • D. tornado is to typhoon
  • E. hurricane is to typhoon

4. Dung is to elephant as

  • A. horse is to manure
  • B. fish is to food
  • C. worm is to soil
  • D. oxygen is to tree
  • E. aquarium is to terrarium

5. Centipede is to spider as

  • A. pentagon is to triangle
  • B. rowboat is to sailboat
  • C. BC is to AD
  • D. percussion is to string
  • E. duet is to trio

6. Head is to hammer as

  • A. tooth is to saw
  • B. nail is to screw
  • C. awl is to punch
  • D. screw is to driver
  • E. beginning is to end

7. Anthem is to inspire as

  • A. aspirin is to pain
  • B. light is to see
  • C. organ is to grind
  • D. ape is to copy
  • E. shuttle is to transport

8. Hook is to eye as

  • A. sleeve is to coat
  • B. button is to hole
  • C. boot is to shoe
  • D. adhesive is to tape
  • E. honey is to bear

9. Actor is to script as

  • A. architect is to design
  • B. painter is to mural
  • C. musician is to score
  • D. judge is to brief
  • E. student is to textbook

10. Goalie is to net as

  • A. hockey is to soccer
  • B. player is to game
  • C. sentry is to fort
  • D. bat is to ball
  • E. ice is to turf

11. Topography is to geography as

  • A. water is to land
  • B. physics is to mathematics
  • C. geography is to history
  • D. mountain is to valley
  • E. biology is to science

12. Rocket is to torpedo as

  • A. fire is to water
  • B. air is to water
  • C. explosion is to hole
  • D. up is to down
  • E. war is to peace

13. Vertical is to horizontal as erect is to

  • A. honest
  • B. construct
  • C. prone
  • D. lumber
  • E. proper

14. Oust is to overthrow as molt is to

  • A. melt
  • B. shed
  • C. shape
  • D. weaken
  • E. spoil

15. Inline skates is to motorcycle as skis is to

  • A. snowmobile
  • B. bicycle
  • C. snow
  • D. ice skates
  • E. snow plow