SSAT Upper Level Analogies Practice Test 22

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1. None is to little as never is to

  • A. nothing
  • B. infrequently
  • C. negative
  • D. much
  • E. often

2. Receive is to admit as settle is to

  • A. resist
  • B. anger
  • C. remain
  • D. adjust
  • E. mediate

3. Dishonesty is to distrust as

  • A. violin is to bow
  • B. hand is to paper
  • C. money is to thief
  • D. strange is to odd
  • E. carelessness is to accident

4. Sociologist is to group as

  • A. psychologist is to individual
  • B. doctor is to nurse
  • C. children is to pediatrician
  • D. biologist is to frog
  • E. mathematician is to algebra

5. Generous is to frugal as

  • A. wasteful is to squander
  • B. philanthropist is to miser
  • C. tasteful is to garish
  • D. gratify is to desire
  • E. important is to nonessential

6. Transparent is to translucent as

  • A. water is to milk
  • B. glass is to crystal
  • C. translucent is to opaque
  • D. muddy is to clear
  • E. suspension is to mixture

7. Discontent is to rebellion as

  • A. friction is to spark
  • B. complacent is to revolt
  • C. success is to study
  • D. employment is to retirement
  • E. surgeon is to operation

8. Beaker is to chemist as hammer is to

  • A. nails
  • B. geologist
  • C. construction
  • D. architect
  • E. noise

9. Follow is to lead as dependent is to

  • A. subservient
  • B. supportive
  • C. child
  • D. autonomous
  • E. anonymous

10. State is to country as country is to

  • A. island
  • B. capitol
  • C. continent
  • D. planet
  • E. ocean

11. Accelerator is to motion as

  • A. catalyst is to change
  • B. inertia is to immobile
  • C. ignition is to speed
  • D. automobile is to vehicle
  • E. experiment is to hypothesis

12. Probable is to certain as

  • A. approach is to reproach
  • B. steady is to rocky
  • C. correct is to accurate
  • D. save is to record
  • E. plausible is to definite

13. Obstruct is to impede as impenetrable is to

  • A. impervious
  • B. hidden
  • C. merciful
  • D. porous
  • E. transparent

14. Include is to omit as acknowledge is to

  • A. notice
  • B. ignore
  • C. recognize
  • D. greet
  • E. know

15. Nucleus is to electron as

  • A. Earth is to satellite
  • B. Earth is to Sun
  • C. constellation is to Sun
  • D. neutron is to proton
  • E. atom is to neutron