SSAT Analogies Practice Test 6

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1. Gridiron is to football as gridlock is to

  • A. waffles
  • B. chess
  • C. prison
  • D. wrestling
  • E. traffic

2. Sow is to reap as crawl is to

  • A. sneak
  • B. harvest
  • C. walk
  • D. cultivate
  • E. wheat

3. Horde is to throng as hurl is to

  • A. thrust
  • B. jump
  • C. throw
  • D. defeat
  • E. smash

4. Salary is to income as

  • A. income is to tax
  • B. money is to evil
  • C. spring is to water
  • D. wage is to work
  • E. dollars is to cents

5. Tree is to climb as

  • A. scale is to mountain
  • B. horse is to ride
  • C. garden is to eat
  • D. gem is to die
  • E. cat is to mouse

6. Consider is to dismiss as

  • A. reflect is to absorb
  • B. wade is to swim
  • C. current is to recent
  • D. help is to assist
  • E. decide is to determine

7. Compost is to fertilizer as

  • A. dentist is to teeth
  • B. ball is to basket
  • C. hole is to drill
  • D. value is to price
  • E. ice is to refrigerant

8. Trance is to hypnosis as

  • A. knowledge is to study
  • B. poison is to ivy
  • C. vaccination is to immunity
  • D. banana is to plantain
  • E. pie is to apple

9. Pianist is to musician as

  • A. organist is to pianist
  • B. violinist is to fiddler
  • C. musician is to writer
  • D. mathematics is to mathematician
  • E. psychiatrist is to physician

10. Poetry is to prose as

  • A. seeing is to hearing
  • B. light is to heavy
  • C. sonata is to ├ętude
  • D. opera is to book
  • E. melody is to rhythm

11. Hull is to strawberry as

  • A. tree is to leaf
  • B. hull is to ship
  • C. puppy is to dog
  • D. milk is to cow
  • E. butter is to bread

12. Poison is to skull and crossbones as

  • A. rope is to gallows
  • B. pirate is to gangplank
  • C. antidote is to poison
  • D. love is to heart
  • E. bow is to arrow

13. Trivial is to grievous as

  • A. acid is to bitter
  • B. light is to heavy
  • C. boring is to sad
  • D. oil is to water
  • E. funny is to hilarious

14. Ax is to hatchet as

  • A. fish is to nursery
  • B. chicken is to egg
  • C. chop is to cut
  • D. hammer is to sickle
  • E. cello is to violin

15. Fortuitous is to luck as

  • A. chivalrous is to manners
  • B. fossil is to fuel
  • C. formula is to milk
  • D. music is to dance
  • E. pool is to swimming