Middle Level SSAT Analogies Practice Test 47

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1. Famine is to food as

  • A. drought is to water
  • B. paper is to print
  • C. legend is to fantasy
  • D. debate is to issue
  • E. clause is to contract

2. Teacher is to student as

  • A. coach is to player
  • B. assistant is to executive
  • C. nurse is to doctor
  • D. patient is to dentist
  • E. theory is to technician

3. Muffle is to noise as

  • A. engine is to bicycle
  • B. wind is to vane
  • C. dam is to flood
  • D. aroma is to fetid
  • E. nibble is to eat

4. Rest is to exhaustion as

  • A. pack is to vacation
  • B. water is to thirst
  • C. audit is to forms
  • D. jury is to trial
  • E. tide is to ocean

5. Playwright is to script as

  • A. choreographer is to dance
  • B. mathematician is to science
  • C. philosopher is to insight
  • D. enemy is to strategy
  • E. athlete is to prowess

6. Gluttony is to food as

  • A. sheer is to wall
  • B. avarice is to money
  • C. enterprise is to earning
  • D. curiosity is to danger
  • E. mystery is to solution

7. Facile is to effort as

  • A. deception is to trick
  • B. helpful is to friend
  • C. inconsiderate is to thoughtful
  • D. pious is to religion
  • E. incompetent is to task

8. Single-handed is to assistance as anonymous is to

  • A. praise
  • B. authorship
  • C. recognition
  • D. sincerity
  • E. ideas

9. Stable is to horse as kennel is to

  • A. farm
  • B. storage
  • C. dog
  • D. groomer
  • E. boarding

10. Tree is to knee as

  • A. pot is to cot
  • B. bam is to lamb
  • C. forest is to body
  • D. bob is to cob
  • E. seek is to leek