Middle Level SSAT Analogies Practice Test 46

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1. Mile is to quart as

  • A. sky is to height
  • B. coffee is to drink
  • C. pot is to stew
  • D. floor is to ground
  • E. length is to volume

2. Biologist is to scientist as surgeon is to

  • A. doctor
  • B. scar
  • C. cut
  • D. heart
  • E. scalpel

3. Clay is to potter as

  • A. sea is to captain
  • B. magazine is to reader
  • C. marble is to sculptor
  • D. word is to teacher
  • E. bubble is to child

4. Clip is to movie as

  • A. buckle is to shoe
  • B. excerpt is to novel
  • C. jar is to liquid
  • D. room is to house
  • E. filling is to pie

5. Ruthless is to mercy as naive is to

  • A. thoughtfulness
  • B. illness
  • C. worldliness
  • D. contempt
  • E. purity

6. Glacier is to ice as

  • A. rain is to snow
  • B. bay is to sea
  • C. cloud is to storm
  • D. ocean is to water
  • E. pond is to fish

7. Glass is to window as

  • A. wood is to building
  • B. car is to motor
  • C. job is to skills
  • D. fabric is to clothing
  • E. loan is to interest

8. Buttress is to support as scissor is to

  • A. press
  • B. store
  • C. create
  • D. cool
  • E. cut

9. Sneer is to disdain as cringe is to

  • A. loneliness
  • B. bravery
  • C. intelligence
  • D. distrust
  • E. fear

10. Library is to book as

  • A. bank is to money
  • B. museum is to patron
  • C. opera is to audience
  • D. restaurant is to waiter
  • E. concert is to music