Middle Level SSAT Analogies Practice Test 45

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1. Fish is to water as

  • A. bird is to egg
  • B. roe is to pouch
  • C. lion is to land
  • D. flower is to pollen
  • E. bee is to honey

2. Sick is to healthy as jailed is to

  • A. convicted
  • B. free
  • C. guilty
  • D. trapped
  • E. hurt

3. Dancer is to feet as

  • A. surgeon is to heart
  • B. juggler is to hands
  • C. drummer is to drums
  • D. conductor is to voice
  • E. musician is to eyes

4. Bystander is to event as

  • A. juror is to verdict
  • B. culprit is to crime
  • C. tourist is to journey
  • D. spectator is to game
  • E. model is to portrait

5. Baker is to bread as

  • A. shop is to goods
  • B. butcher is to livestock
  • C. politician is to votes
  • D. sculptor is to statue
  • E. family is to confidence

6. Igneous is to rock as

  • A. stratum is to dig
  • B. fossil is to dinosaur
  • C. computer is to calculator
  • D. watercolor is to painting
  • E. calendar is to date

7. Delicious is to taste as melodious is to

  • A. sound
  • B. movie
  • C. ears
  • D. eyes
  • E. sight

8. Clog is to shoe as

  • A. sneaker is to run
  • B. lace is to tie
  • C. beret is to hat
  • D. shirt is to torso
  • E. sock is to foot

9. Cube is to square as

  • A. box is to cardboard
  • B. circle is to street
  • C. cylinder is to pen
  • D. line is to angle
  • E. sphere is to circle

10. Jam is to fruit as

  • A. bread is to toast
  • B. butter is to milk
  • C. crayon is to color
  • D. height is to stone
  • E. write is to pencil