Upper Level SSAT Analogies Practice Test 44

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1. Patter is to rain as

  • A. rainbow is to storm
  • B. call is to telephone
  • C. clank is to chain
  • D. volume is to radio
  • E. eruption is to volcano

2. Brazen is to tact as

  • A. lethargic is to energy
  • B. agile is to strength
  • C. humongous is to size
  • D. ancient is to time
  • E. fallen is to grace

3. Taciturn is to words as

  • A. thrifty is to money
  • B. petty is to concern
  • C. silly is to extras
  • D. startled is to surprise
  • E. trusting is to care

4. Scalpel is to razor as surgeon is to

  • A. barber
  • B. gardener
  • C. chef
  • D. patient
  • E. engineer

5. Storyteller is to listener as

  • A. accompanist is to composer
  • B. critique is to commentator
  • C. banter is to humorist
  • D. anthologist is to editor
  • E. pantomime is to viewer

6. Gully is to erosion as

  • A. drought is to precipitation
  • B. mine is to excavation
  • C. clot is to dispersion
  • D. forest is to cultivation
  • E. water is to inundation

7. Drip is to deluge as

  • A. shine is to polish
  • B. warm is to heat
  • C. yearn is to wish
  • D. smolder is to blaze
  • E. bend is to straight

8. Lax is to resolution as

  • A. hapless is to circumstance
  • B. detrimental is to destruction
  • C. deceitful is to sincerity
  • D. vulnerable is to wound
  • E. accessible is to rewarded

9. Hammer is to pound as

  • A. vase is to flowers
  • B. briefcase is to papers
  • C. nail is to wood
  • D. screwdriver is to tool
  • E. jack is to raise

10. Lexicon is to words as anthology is to

  • A. reading
  • B. library
  • C. books
  • D. works
  • E. pages