Upper Level SSAT Analogies Practice Test 42

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1. Composer is to score as

  • A. conductor is to orchestra
  • B. operator is to telephone
  • C. teacher is to classroom
  • D. attorney is to trial
  • E. author is to book

2. Stanza is to poem as

  • A. sonnet is to play
  • B. drama is to theater
  • C. paragraph is to essay
  • D. teacher is to class
  • E. preface is to book

3. Sovereign is to monarchy as principal is to

  • A. school
  • B. administrators
  • C. workers
  • D. crew
  • E. town

4. Cylinder is to can as

  • A. circle is to square
  • B. perimeter is to area
  • C. cube is to dice
  • D. line is to angle
  • E. arc is to sphere

5. Laughter is to joke as

  • A. read is to story
  • B. question is to answer
  • C. wince is to pain
  • D. talk is to conversation
  • E. cramp is to swim

6. Massive is to weight as

  • A. gargantuan is to size
  • B. acute is to hearing
  • C. tender is to feeling
  • D. simple is to thought
  • E. foolish is to idea

7. Pint is to quart as

  • A. cup is to teaspoon
  • B. mile is to road
  • C. measure is to recipe
  • D. week is to year
  • E. temperature is to thermometer

8. Scrawl is to writing as

  • A. decipher is to code
  • B. babble is to speaking
  • C. carve is to stone
  • D. tango is to dancing
  • E. direct is to acting

9. Stoic is to emotion as

  • A. serious is to concern
  • B. soothe is to injury
  • C. amorphous is to shape
  • D. choke is to morsel
  • E. breathe is to life

10. Frugal is to spending as unruly is to

  • A. fractious
  • B. impossible
  • C. obedient
  • D. warmth
  • E. pride