SSAT Analogies Practice Test 41

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1. Cobbler is to shoe

  • A. tanner is to horse
  • B. blacksmith is to sword
  • C. porter is to doorbell
  • D. dentist is to floss
  • E. nurse is to symptoms

2. Fortify is to protect

  • A. blitz is to attack
  • B. evoke is to elicit
  • C. pacify is to incense
  • D. recommend is to advocate
  • E. invite is to accompany

3. Delinquent is to reprimand

  • A. thief is to steal
  • B. virtuoso is to recognize
  • C. prophet is to trust
  • D. jury is to deliberate
  • E. tutor is to guide

4. Disinfect is to pristine

  • A. insult is to grateful
  • B. swim is to upstream
  • C. shape is to bend
  • D. adore is to envious
  • E. learn is to uncomplicated

5. Inconspicuous is to overlook as unfounded is to

  • A. scorn
  • B. investigate
  • C. reject
  • D. convolute
  • E. offend

6. Student is to graduate

  • A. guru is to savant
  • B. connoisseur is to amateur
  • C. famine is to feast
  • D. dilettante is to dabbler
  • E. novice is to master

7. Appreciative is to gratitude

  • A. ashamed is to compunction
  • B. amicable is to aloofness
  • C. ravenous is to starvation
  • D. pity is to destitute
  • E. meticulous is to adoration

8. Egg is to dozen

  • A. player is to crowd
  • B. day is to week
  • C. puppies is to litter
  • D. goose is to gaggle
  • E. day is to month

9. Illogical is to reason

  • A. rude is to impertinence
  • B. classified is to catalogue
  • C. hasty is to prudence
  • D. brazen is to plethora
  • E. improvised is to spontaneity

10. Payment is to debt

  • A. relief is to hurricane
  • B. cover-up is to crime
  • C. injury is to repair
  • D. recall is to defect
  • E. blanket is to snow