SSAT Analogies Practice Test 40

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1. Caricature is to drawing as

  • A. joke is to punch line
  • B. watercolor is to painting
  • C. hyperbole is to statement
  • D. star is to feature
  • E. dynamite is to blast

2. Deceleration is to speed as

  • A. adulation is to praise
  • B. descent is to altitude
  • C. tyranny is to leader
  • D. hydration is to water
  • E. fear is to hatred

3. Dull is to insipid as diverting is to

  • A. expecting
  • B. feeling
  • C. astounding
  • D. entertaining
  • E. surprising

4. Voracious is to food as

  • A. greedy is to money
  • B. gluttonous is to obesity
  • C. clarity is to water
  • D. generosity is to object
  • E. veracity is to truth

5. Adroit is to motion as

  • A. bridled is to emotion
  • B. unfettered is to restraint
  • C. superior is to skill
  • D. ubiquitous is to presence
  • E. articulate is to speech

6. Anesthetic is to pain as

  • A. lamp is to light
  • B. mnemonic is to memory
  • C. exercise is to diet
  • D. understanding is to comprehension
  • E. muffler is to noise

7. Impeccable is to adequate as

  • A. impressionable is to eager
  • B. inexhaustible is to sufficient
  • C. impossible is to prepared
  • D. intangible is to popular
  • E. impractical is to sensible

8. Symmetrical is to amorphous as

  • A. metric is to moronic
  • B. shapely is to muscled
  • C. balanced is to unshaped
  • D. flowing is to lined
  • E. external is to internal

9. Incessant is to intermittent

  • A. amazed is to underwhelming
  • B. horizontal is to inclined
  • C. celebrated is to opulent
  • D. timid is to brazen
  • E. eternal is to perpetual

10. Penicillin is to antibiotic

  • A. healthcare is to pharmacist
  • B. medicine is to prescription
  • C. coughing is to symptom
  • D. mold is to bacteria
  • E. antibacterial is to sanitization