SSAT Analogies Practice Test 37

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1. Chapter is to book as

  • A. glass is to water
  • B. lamp is to light
  • C. scene is to play
  • D. stew is to meat
  • E. elevator is to building

2. Refrigerator is to cool as furnace is to

  • A. radiator
  • B. house
  • C. oil
  • D. heat
  • E. furniture

3. Fish is to fin as

  • A. fruit is to stem
  • B. bird is to wing
  • C. insect is to shell
  • D. cod is to school
  • E. dog is to tail

4. Driver is to car as

  • A. pilot is to airplane
  • B. police officer is to highway
  • C. secretary is to letter
  • D. baker is to cake
  • E. carpenter is to house

5. Clock is to time as thermometer is to

  • A. air
  • B. pressure
  • C. wind
  • D. ice
  • E. temperature

6. Envelope is to letter as

  • A. suitcase is to clothes
  • B. pen is to paper
  • C. box is to cardboard
  • D. table is to wood
  • E. frame is to picture

7. Librarian is to library as curator is to

  • A. museum
  • B. studio
  • C. mall
  • D. workshop
  • E. garden

8. Pen is to write as

  • A. pencil is to point
  • B. actor is to perform
  • C. knife is to cut
  • D. desk is to sit
  • E. ink is to stain

9. Hurricane is to breeze as

  • A. storm is to tempest
  • B. fire is to flame
  • C. tidal wave is to ripple
  • D. cloud is to sunlight
  • E. temperature is to weather

10. Circle is to ball as

  • A. square is to cube
  • B. pyramid is to triangle
  • C. point is to line
  • D. side is to rectangle
  • E. hexagon is to polygon