SSAT Analogies Practice Test

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1. File is to smooth as tape is to

  • A. gouge
  • B. record
  • C. taper
  • D. roll
  • E. peel

2. Novel is to entertain as

  • A. paper is to write
  • B. author is to persuade
  • C. jury is to justify
  • D. newspaper is to inform
  • E. editorial is to read

3. Donkey is to bray as duck is to

  • A. waddle
  • B. bill
  • C. quack
  • D. fly
  • E. goose

4. Core is to center as

  • A. angle is to acute
  • B. cliff is to steep
  • C. edge is to border
  • D. circumference is to circle
  • E. sharp is to dull

5. Engine is to jet as paddle is to

  • A. swim
  • B. reprimand
  • C. ball
  • D. boat
  • E. otter

6. Pound is to weight as

  • A. radius is to point
  • B. diameter is to across
  • C. height is to inch
  • D. mile is to measure
  • E. ounce is to volume

7. Portray is to depict as

  • A. swindle is to cheat
  • B. influence is to bribe
  • C. behave is to decide
  • D. affirm is to deny
  • E. determine is to subvert

8. Claw is to lobster as

  • A. callous is to hand
  • B. paw is to bear
  • C. tail is to monkey
  • D. ink is to octopus
  • E. elephant is to trunk

9. Inquire is to ask as acquire is to

  • A. obtain
  • B. take
  • C. agree
  • D. concede
  • E. leave

10. Wool is to sweater as

  • A. cotton is to soft
  • B. denim is to jeans
  • C. house is to wood
  • D. container is to store
  • E. leather is to rugged

11. Card is to deck as

  • A. note is to symphony
  • B. garden is to flower
  • C. sun is to shine
  • D. box is to handle
  • E. cupboard is to dish

12. Flicker is to blaze as

  • A. pace is to walk
  • B. gasp is to frighten
  • C. toss is to lob
  • D. trickle is to flow
  • E. crease is to fold

13. Disinfectant is to cut as detergent is to

  • A. teeth
  • B. hands
  • C. sink
  • D. dry
  • E. laundry

14. Clock is to time as

  • A. height is to inch
  • B. thermometer is to temperature
  • C. weight is to mass
  • D. length is to width
  • E. second is to minute

15. Cap is to bottle as

  • A. lid is to pot
  • B. house is to roof
  • C. handle is to pitcher
  • D. heat is to steam
  • E. head is to hat

16. Tomato is to vine as

  • A. apple is to stem
  • B. grape is to seed
  • C. stalk is to corn
  • D. vanilla is to bean
  • E. coconut is to tree

17. Salve is to balm as

  • A. snake is to bite
  • B. sentry is to guard
  • C. choke is to suffocate
  • D. thorn is to prickly
  • E. oil is to filter

18. Storm is to flood as fire is to

  • A. water
  • B. food
  • C. heat
  • D. weapon
  • E. attack

19. Pedestrian is to original as

  • A. bright is to brilliant
  • B. stable is to variable
  • C. insolent is to rude
  • D. foolish is to absurd
  • E. critical is to wise

20. Golfer is to club as

  • A. dentist is to teeth
  • B. boxer is to ring
  • C. teacher is to student
  • D. carpenter is to wood
  • E. surgeon is to scalpel