SSAT Verbal: Analogies Practice Test 34

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1. Skin is to hair as

  • A. shower is to cap
  • B. meow is to kitten
  • C. sand is to beach
  • D. stem is to petal
  • E. volume is to sound

2. Sugar is to cake as

  • A. seat is to stadium
  • B. tennis is to racket
  • C. thumb is to finger
  • D. smile is to teeth
  • E. bird is to wing

3. Chill is to freeze as giggle is to

  • A. smile
  • B. smirk
  • C. guffaw
  • D. hysterical
  • E. gasp

4. Silk is to worm as

  • A. honey is to bee
  • B. corn is to pop
  • C. bread is to wheat
  • D. egg is to chicken
  • E. frog is to croak

5. Dawn is to dusk as

  • A. shriek is to scream
  • B. start is to finish
  • C. drink is to eat
  • D. study is to learn
  • E. copy is to trace

6. Astronomer is to stars as biologist is to

  • A. earth
  • B. water
  • C. stars
  • D. rocks
  • E. life

7. Weaving is to loom as

  • A. brick is to building
  • B. diving is to swim
  • C. singing is to song
  • D. cooking is to stove
  • E. rolling is to ball

8. Celsius is to Fahrenheit as kilometer is to

  • A. distance
  • B. mile
  • C. gallon
  • D. inch
  • E. yard

9. Express is to state as

  • A. communicate is to write
  • B. restructure is to rebuild
  • C. defy is to intimidate
  • D. shorten is to abbreviate
  • E. tease is to mock

10. Hang is to dry as soak is to

  • A. vanquish
  • B. annihilate
  • C. saturate
  • D. roust
  • E. render

11. Salamander is to amphibian as kangaroo is to

  • A. pouch
  • B. land
  • C. koala
  • D. mammal
  • E. hop

12. Median is to highway as

  • A. diameter is to circle
  • B. tower is to signal
  • C. seam is to stitch
  • D. tree is to axe
  • E. razor is to beard

13. Filter is to coffeepot as

  • A. bandage is to wound
  • B. screen is to window
  • C. hole is to cover
  • D. lid is to pot
  • E. bottle is to cap

14. Stream is to drop as boulder is to

  • A. fountain
  • B. gorge
  • C. pebble
  • D. mountain
  • E. crater

15. Find is to locate as

  • A. convey is to exemplify
  • B. puzzle is to quiz
  • C. dig is to diminish
  • D. disguise is to masquerade
  • E. perceive is to interject