SSAT Upper Level Verbal: Analogies Practice Test 28

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1. Problem is to fiasco as

  • A. mistake is to error
  • B. puzzle is to question
  • C. complaint is to lamentation
  • D. correction is to improvement
  • E. amalgamation is to collection

2. Rules is to parents as

  • A. arguments is to fights
  • B. laws is to governments
  • C. schools is to children
  • D. obligations is to promises
  • E. instructions is to systems

3. Immature is to callow as

  • A. smart is to skilled
  • B. movie is to set
  • C. fresh is to salad
  • D. hurried is to rushed
  • E. prepared is to careful

4. Talkative is to loquacious as

  • A. implicating is to congratulating
  • B. articulate is to understandable
  • C. socialized is to mesmerized
  • D. presumptive is to possible
  • E. interesting is to fascinating

5. Buckle is to belt as

  • A. lace is to shoe
  • B. scarf is to coat
  • C. collar is to shirt
  • D. code is to alarm
  • E. cuff is to wrist

6. Wolf is to pack as

  • A. lawyer is to courtroom
  • B. flower is to garden
  • C. puddle is to ocean
  • D. school is to fish
  • E. division is to country

7. Talented is to actor as

  • A. loud is to teacher
  • B. unusual is to physician
  • C. happy is to detective
  • D. strong is to weightlifter
  • E. gracious is to salesperson

8. Agony is to pleasure as interference is to

  • A. restraint
  • B. listening
  • C. cooperation
  • D. beauty
  • E. charm

9. Connive is to scheme as

  • A. suspend is to satisfy
  • B. grow is to flourish
  • C. prevent is to remove
  • D. question is to answer
  • E. promise is to engage

10. Page is to website as

  • A. string is to violin
  • B. scene is to drama
  • C. photograph is to compendium
  • D. elegy is to song
  • E. dog is to kennel

11. Dubious is to doubtful as

  • A. idiosyncratic is to peculiar
  • B. lovely is to polished
  • C. quick is to serious
  • D. honest is to kind
  • E. fearful is to annoyed

12. Qualm is to confidence as

  • A. yank is to pull
  • B. box is to carton
  • C. manager is to owner
  • D. joy is to pleasure
  • E. compliment is to criticism

13. Breeze is to hurricane as

  • A. warmth is to coldness
  • B. swirl is to maelstrom
  • C. day is to week
  • D. downpour is to drizzle
  • E. gold is to silver

14. Debilitate is to strengthen as

  • A. eradicate is to destroy
  • B. neglect is to cultivate
  • C. bend is to snap
  • D. decorate is to adorn
  • E. simulate is to pretend

15. Glare is to yell as

  • A. pucker is to kiss
  • B. sneer is to bow
  • C. laugh is to sneeze
  • D. sob is to weep
  • E. stand is to deliver

16. Dishonest is to speaking as

  • A. noxious is to gas
  • B. muggy is to summer
  • C. furry is to cat
  • D. cloudy is to mountain
  • E. healthy is to look

17. Subtle is to obvious as

  • A. false is to affected
  • B. wonderful is to terrific
  • C. assumed is to understood
  • D. clean is to classy
  • E. possible is to guaranteed