SSAT Upper Level Verbal: Analogies Practice Test 27

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1. Idle is to obsolete as

  • A. ornate is to fancy
  • B. evil is to handy
  • C. adore is to appreciate
  • D. tentative is to certain
  • E. boring is to tedious

2. Logo is to company as

  • A. emblem is to country
  • B. face is to book
  • C. target is to shop
  • D. copyright is to claim
  • E. gift is to card

3. Bowl is to tureen as cup is to

  • A. mug
  • B. catcher
  • C. pitcher
  • D. fondle
  • E. glass

4. Sweet is to flavor as

  • A. warm is to blanket
  • B. cacophony is to sound
  • C. pretty is to sight
  • D. robust is to effort
  • E. excited is to anticipation

5. Wheat is to bread as

  • A. oil is to gasoline
  • B. earring is to jewelry
  • C. syrup is to pancakes
  • D. fruit is to basket
  • E. hospital is to wing

6. Pen is to writing as

  • A. table is to reading
  • B. trumpet is to marching
  • C. pillow is to sleeping
  • D. knife is to framing
  • E. mop is to cleaning

7. Insistent is to tenacious as concerned is to

  • A. arrogant
  • B. worried
  • C. eager
  • D. serene
  • E. established

8. Mohair is to goat as

  • A. thread is to cap
  • B. wool is to sweater
  • C. down is to pillow
  • D. angora is to rabbit
  • E. cage is to mouse

9. Miner is to jeweler as

  • A. fisher is to chef
  • B. nurse is to doctor
  • C. carpenter is to painter
  • D. engineer is to conductor
  • E. designer is to photographer

10. Table is to delay as

  • A. yell is to whisper
  • B. cover is to prevent
  • C. grow is to shift
  • D. color is to distort
  • E. improve is to escalate

11. Acumen is to shrewdness as flamboyance is to

  • A. friendliness
  • B. generosity
  • C. sorrow
  • D. cruelty
  • E. showiness

12. Scale is to weight as

  • A. speedometer is to sound
  • B. circumferentor is to angle
  • C. pipette is to area
  • D. tachometer is to direction
  • E. thermometer is to energy

13. Precocious is to developed as

  • A. insolent is to impolite
  • B. lengthy is to round
  • C. scared is to terrified
  • D. teary is to sad
  • E. happy is to joyful

14. Car is to transportation as

  • A. table is to chair
  • B. faucet is to water
  • C. oven is to cooking
  • D. sofa is to cushion
  • E. sheet is to pillow

15. Display is to artwork as

  • A. brandish is to sword
  • B. pretend is to scene
  • C. dazzle is to brooch
  • D. entertain is to dinner
  • E. locate is to map

16. Camera is to filmmaker as ladle is to

  • A. waiter
  • B. dishwasher
  • C. diner
  • D. writer
  • E. cook