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A government office confirmed that the bird flu outbreak in a farm town in South Korea was of the H5 strain, but further tests are needed to determine whether it was the deadly N1 type. South Korea has had three outbreaks of the bird flu virus at chicken and quail farms. This has resulted in the slaughter of more than one million birds in an attempt to keep the disease from spreading. Although some complained, South Korean farmers have been largely cooperative in the government's decision tocullthe birds as the government later paid them for their losses.

Most of the 154 people who have died worldwide from the bird flu virus came into direct contact with infected birds. Experts fear the virus could change into a form that becomes easily passed among people, potentially affecting thousands of individuals. Indonesia, which was the worst hit by the bird flu virus, initially protested against having to slaughter birds in infected areas and vaccinate flocks, citing a lack of funds. But it recently launched a large-scale public education campaign, including TV commercials, urging people to wash their hands after coming into contact with poultry and to report sick or dying birds to authorities.

1. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as being used to help stop the spread of the bird flu?

  • A. Cleansing hands after touching poultry
  • B. Thoroughly cooking meat before eating
  • C. Telling authorities about sick or dying birds
  • D. Educating the public through the media
  • E. Slaughtering sick birds

2. The wordcull(end of the first paragraph) most closely means

  • A. redirect
  • B. sanitize
  • C. devour
  • D. collect
  • E. verify

3. The style of the passage is most like that found in a

  • A. novel about the bird flu
  • B. agriculturalists' diary
  • C. newspaper article
  • D. journal on pandemics
  • E. science textbook

4. According to the passage, Indonesia did which of the following?

I. Complained about having to kill birds 

II. Reported cases of the virus in two provinces

III. Used television to tell people about the bird flu

  • A. I only
  • B. II only
  • C. I and II only
  • D. II and III only
  • E. I and III only

5. It can be inferred from the passage that

  • A. the bird flu virus can change into a more deadly form
  • B. humid Southeast Asian weather helps spread the flu
  • C. radio messages are not as useful as TV commercials
  • D. the H5 strain spreads faster than the N1 strain
  • E. farmers should not accept help from the government