SSAT Reading Comprehension Practice Test 25

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1. The author's tone is best described as

  • A. lighthearted
  • B. optimistic
  • C. nostalgic
  • D. hostile
  • E. humorous

2. This poem is written from the point of view of

  • A. a frightened child
  • B. a disinterested adult
  • C. a sympathetic outside observer
  • D. a sad observer of a transformation
  • E. an adult recalling a childhood dream

3. In line 5, the author most probably refers to the woods as "haunted" in order to

  • A. make the narrator seem foolish and superstitious
  • B. hint at the narrator's acceptance of death
  • C. reveal the narrator's belief in spirits
  • D. set a dark and gloomy mood
  • E. indicate the woods were filled with memories

4. Which of the following best expresses the theme of this poem?

  • A. the power of the sun
  • B. the passage of time
  • C. the fluctuation of the tide
  • D. autumn
  • E. nature's renewal