SSAT Upper Level Reading Comprehension: Finding Information Practice Test 11

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1. Which of the following is probably true of the twenty-one artists?

  • A. They opposed the museum's design.
  • B. They did not understand architecture.
  • C. Their art could have been shown at the Guggenheim.
  • D. Their fame increased after signing the letter of protest.
  • E. They eventually agreed that the Guggenheim is a masterpiece.

2. Why did Paul become angry with himself?

  • A. He lacks a sense of self.
  • B. His voice was too whining.
  • C. His father took Edgar's side.
  • D. He was unsure of his abilities.
  • E. He misunderstood Edgar's real intentions.

3. The author implies that Frederick Douglass believed that

  • A. women should not be allowed to vote.
  • B. Elizabeth Cady Stanton had the wrong priorities.
  • C. the Fifteenth Amendment was opposed by some Americans.
  • D. the Constitution should be amended infrequently.
  • E. women would win the right to vote relatively soon.

4. The passage suggests that brain plasticity

  • A. is found only in humans.
  • B. is not sufficiently understood.
  • C. involves connections among neurons.
  • D. can cause changes in the environment.
  • E. provides a cure for learning disabilities.

5. The passage provides information to answer which one of the following questions?

  • A. What caused C3PO to become fearful?
  • B. Did Data succeed in becoming human?
  • C. What types of tasks can robots perform?
  • D. Was C3PO's appearance more human than Data's?
  • E. When will artificial beings resemble C3PO or Data?