SSAT Reading Comprehension Practice Test 22

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The following speech was delivered by Frederick Douglass at a meeting of the Anti-Slavery Society in Pittsburgh in 1863.

1. According to Douglass, the mission of the Civil War is to

  • A. destroy the Confederacy
  • B. punish the rebel soldiers
  • C. end slavery
  • D. preserve the Union
  • E. create a new class of citizens

2. Douglass believes the work of the Anti-Slavery Society should not be considered complete until

  • A. slavery is abolished
  • B. black men in the South are able to vote
  • C. blacks can move freely between the South and the North
  • D. black men of the North and South have the right to vote
  • E. all conditions for voting are ended

3. What does Douglass mean by calling for black men to be admitted "fully and completely into the body politic of America"(lines 9–10)?

  • A. They must have the same rights and privileges as all other citizens.
  • B. They must be able to vote.
  • C. They must be able to run for office.
  • D. They must take up arms to defend the Government.
  • E. They must be considered a separate class of citizens.

4. The purpose of Douglass's speech was to

  • A. inform members of the society of the horrors of slavery
  • B. convince listeners to adopt fair and equal voting requirements
  • C. inform listeners of the progress of the war
  • D. convince members of the society that slavery should be ended
  • E. explain how the right to vote would create harmony