SSAT Upper Level Reading Comprehension: Miscellaneous Reading Practice Test 15

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1. This passage is probably taken from

  • A. a textbook.
  • B. a critic's review.
  • C. an autobiography.
  • D. a historical novel.
  • E. a letter to the editor.

2. The passage describes the viewpoint of a

  • A. judge.
  • B. lawyer.
  • C. reporter.
  • D. law student.
  • E. community organizer.

3. Which of the following is the author of the passage most likely to discuss next?

  • A. da Vinci's works in addition to his paintings
  • B. da Vinci's intention when painting the Mona Lisa
  • C. how art historians evaluate the quality of paintings
  • D. museum visitors who choose not to view the Mona Lisa
  • E. events that may have contributed to the fame of the Mona Lisa