SSAT Reading Comprehension Practice Test 30

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1. This passage can best be characterized as

  • A. an amusing story about a high school escapade
  • B. a fond remembrance of the narrator's youth
  • C. a penetrating examination of a young man's character
  • D. a polite appeal for forgiveness
  • E. an astute description of the relationship between a father and son

2. In line 9–10, the expression "there was something of the dandy about him" means that Paul

  • A. was afraid of appearing before the faculty
  • B. was in need of new clothes
  • C. did not care how he looked
  • D. paid great attention to his clothes
  • E. was hard on his clothes

3. The red carnation in Paul's buttonhole in lines 11–12 made the faculty feel that Paul

  • A. did not take his suspension seriously enough
  • B. did not really want to come back to school
  • C. was trying to impress the principal
  • D. thought he should be forgiven
  • E. was sincere in his desire to improve his behavior

4. In the eyes of the faculty, Paul's most serious offense was his

  • A. insulting remarks made in class
  • B. inability to control his temper
  • C. failure to complete his assignments
  • D. obvious contempt for his teachers
  • E. lack of attention in class

5. Which adjective best describes Paul?

  • A. contrite
  • B. funny
  • C. defiant
  • D. violent
  • E. embarrassed

6. As used in line 30, the word "rancor" means

  • A. turmoil
  • B. bitterness
  • C. remorse
  • D. resistance
  • E. dismay

7. In lines 41–42, Paul shuddered and threw his hands behind him because

  • A. his teacher had touched his hand
  • B. he could not answer the teacher's question
  • C. his teacher had hurt him
  • D. he was afraid of the teacher
  • E. he wanted to strike the teacher