SSAT Upper Level Reading Comprehension: Tone Practice Test 13

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1. In referring to lawyers, the author's tone is

  • A. critical.
  • B. tolerant.
  • C. sarcastic.
  • D. appreciative.
  • E. unconcerned.

2. The writer's reaction when looking out at the lake is one of

  • A. wonder.
  • B. amusement.
  • C. melancholy.
  • D. understanding.
  • E. unresponsiveness.

3. The author's attitude towards the art historians' explanation for the fame of the Mona Lisa can best be described as

  • A. skepticism.
  • B. amusement.
  • C. aggravation.
  • D. profound disbelief.
  • E. complete agreement.