SSAT Reading Comprehension Practice Test 28

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1. The purpose of Madam Walker's speech was to

  • A. demonstrate her hair products to the league
  • B. lash out at Booker T. Washington for ignoring her
  • C. make the members of the league take notice of her business success
  • D. influence the members of the league to admit more women
  • E. encourage black women to go into business for themselves

2. As reflected in her speech, Madam Walker's attitude is best described as

  • A. envious
  • B. proud
  • C. reverent
  • D. cautious
  • E. fearful

3. The reaction of the members of the league to Madam Walker's speech can be described as

  • A. indifferent
  • B. angry
  • C. sad
  • D. favorable
  • E. critical

4. The reference to her promotion from the cotton fields to the wash-tub to the cook kitchen is used to

  • A. show how far she has come
  • B. establish a connection with her audience
  • C. suggest that hard work is not ladylike
  • D. debunk a myth about African-American women
  • E. make people feel sorry for her

5. What does Madam Walker means when she says, "Don't think that because you have to go down in the wash-tub that you are any less a lady" (lines 24–26)?

  • A. Ladies should not have to scrub and cook.
  • B. Getting down on your knees to scrub is hard work for a lady.
  • C. It is not ladylike to work with your hands.
  • D. Very few ladies get ahead in the business world.
  • E. There is nothing demeaning about hard work.