SSAT Reading Practice Test 46 Middle and Upper Levels

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1. Which of the following best describes actions of the children?

  • A. soft and sweet
  • B. grave and laughing
  • C. Plotting and planning
  • D. climbing and surrounding
  • E. devouring and entwining

2. In the last two stanzas of the poem, the speaker indicates that

  • A. he will lock the children in a dungeon for their shenanigans
  • B. his love for the children is everlasting
  • C. he will keep the children captive in his fortress
  • D. the children will have to tear down the walls if they ever wish to escape
  • E. his love is no match for dungeon walls

3. The sensory image most important to this passage is

  • A. the sound of the sudden raid from the hall
  • B. the sight of the girls descending down the stairs
  • C. the sound of pattering little feet
  • D. the sensation of kisses and hugs
  • E. the sight of blue eyes and moustaches

4. Which of the following words could be substituted for "banditti" (line 29) without changing the meaning of the verse?

  • A. bandits
  • B. musicians
  • C. vines
  • D. children
  • E. mice

5. Which of the following best describes the main idea of the poem?

  • A. The speaker is distracted by the children's mischievous activities.
  • B. The speaker cherishes the time of day when he can break from his work and play with his children.
  • C. A poet depicts the games of children who inhabit an imaginary fortress.
  • D. The children are scheming of ways to attack their captor and escape the castle.
  • E. The children are listening to a story before for their bedtime