SSAT Reading Comprehension Practice Test 34

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1. In line 2, "engaged" means most nearly

  • A. pledged
  • B. occupied
  • C. meshed
  • D. participated
  • E. reserved

2. The author's "trouble" in line 24 is

  • A. not being able to have the corn ground at the mill
  • B. having to travel alone in the dark
  • C. not being able to reload the corn that had fallen off the horse
  • D. not knowing the way through the woods
  • E. facing a flogging for being late

3. The author was always frightened on his way home from the mill for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:

  • A. There were few people on the road at night.
  • B. The woods were full of soldiers.
  • C. He feared having his ears cut off.
  • D. He knew he would be flogged for being late.
  • E. He thought he might be kidnapped.

4. The author's attitude toward his youth is best described as

  • A. affectionate nostalgia
  • B. analytical detachment
  • C. open hostility
  • D. deep sorrow
  • E. righteous indignation