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Directions: Write a legible, coherent, and correct essay on the following topic.

Topic: Tell about one extracurricular activity in which you hope to participate in high school. Give reasons why you have chosen this activity.

Example of a well-written essay.

When I enter high school, I plan to become an active member of the drama club. The drama club offers a variety of activities within one organization. In the course of a single year, a member of the drama club can get involved in acting, set building, lighting design, publicity, ticket sales, and much more. And because of the variety of activities, I expect to make friends with classmates with varied interests and abilities.

People involved with theater appear to be having a lot of fun. While there may be some competition among stars, a production is generally a cooperative effort. Teamwork is key to making an amateur production appear to be professional. Even in kindergarten I got high marks from my teachers in "works and plays well with others," and I would like to carry this aspect of my personality into joining a cast and crew that creates theater.

Another reason for joining the drama club is that it will give me a chance to perform. I have always been a bit of a show-off. Being on stage will allow me to strut about without being criticized. I hope that my acting will contribute to successful productions along with my work as part of the behind-the-scenes crew.

Finally, any cooperative effort must be a social activity. There should be lots of give and take and conversation during preparations and rehearsals. And I do look forward to cast parties when the show closes. Drama club seems like the perfect extracurricular activity; I will have a good time while doing something worthwhile.

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