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Directions: Write a legible, coherent, and correct essay on the following topic.

Topic: If you could spend an afternoon with any author, living or dead, with whom would you spend it? What would you talk about?

Example of a well-written essay.

If I could spend an afternoon with any author, I would have a wonderful conversation with Jules Verne. I think of Jules Verne as the father of science fiction. We would talk about his books and why they make such good reading. I would tell him how much of his fiction has become fact. Then we would probably talk about recent science fiction and about the latest scientific and technological advances. Perhaps we would predict future developments.

The first book I would mention is my favorite, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. I would ask Mr. Verne how he thought up the book and would tell him how much I admire his works and how I respect his imagination. Then I would tell him about submarines and submarine warfare and would describe all the deep sea explorations that I know about. It is hard to predict a conversation in advance, but Around the World in Eighty Days would certainly be a good next topic, and we might well consume the remainder of the afternoon with discussion of modern travel and of all the countries and cultures that can be visited today.

No conversation with Jules Verne could conclude without mention of modern science fiction and of how predictive it might be. I wonder what Jules Verne would think of Star Trek. Finally I would tell him about space exploration, moon landings, satellites, and all the exciting space work that is unfolding.

The prospect of a conversation with Jules Verne is very appealing. Even though I know it cannot happen, I am thinking of more and more things I would like to discuss with him. What a stimulating afternoon it would be.

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