What Is the ISEE Essay Question?

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What Is the ISEE Essay Question?

At the end of each ISEE testing session, you must write a 30-minute essay on an assigned subject. This essay is not scored. It is duplicated and sent to each school as a sample of your ability to express yourself in writing under the same conditions as all other candidates for admission to the school.

The directions for the ISEE essay question can be summarized as follows:

Directions: Read the essay topic and decide what you want to say. Organize your thoughts carefully, then write a legible, coherent, and grammatically correct essay on the topic.

Here is a sample ISEE essay topic, also called a "prompt." Try to organize and write an essay on this topic.

Topic: An exchange student from China has just entered your school. What will you tell this student about student life at your school?

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