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Directions: You are already familiar with the following essay topics, what they require of you, and how they might be organized. Choose the topic appropriate to your exam and write your own essay.

30 Minutes

Topic: If you were in charge of planning your family's next two-week vacation, where would you go and what would you do? Why?

ISEE Essay Sample:

Canada is a foreign country, yet it is only an automobile drive away from many states in the northern part of the United States. In Canada, there are rivers, lakes, mountains, and seacoast along with interesting cities. It should be easy to plan a Canadian vacation.

The United States shares its borders with only two countries—Mexico to the south and Canada to the north. We really should know more about these neighbors. Since I live in New England, Canada is easier for my family to visit. We can drive to Canada's northeast in one day. Best of all, nearly all Canadians speak English so it should be easy to get around and easy to learn about lifestyles and ideas.

Because Canada is so big, it offers every kind of vacation. Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island are filled with quaint fishing villages and spectacular seacoast scenery. They are probably cold for ocean swimming, but great for hiking. The Laurentian Mountains are known for skiing, but their lakes offer all sorts of water sports and we might camp in the mountains. And to vary the vacation, we should visit the cities of Montreal and Quebec, which retain much French influence. I am looking forward to real French food.

For a summer vacation that will be fun, not too expensive, and educational besides, Canada can't be beat. It should not be too hard to convince my family.

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