How is the SSAT test structured?

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How is the SSAT structured?


The SSAT is administered in six separately timed sections. The first section is the writing sample. Among the other five sections you will always find two Quantitative sections, one Verbal (synonyms and analogies) section, and one Reading Comprehension section. There is also an Experimental section, which is not scored. This section contains six Verbal, five Quantitative, and five Reading Comprehension questions. Every question on the multiple-choice part of the SSAT offers five answer choices lettered (A), (B), (C), (D), and (E).

Here is the SSAT format and timetable:

Format of a Typical SSAT

Section   Number of
Time Allowed
  Writing Sample 25 minutes  
Section 1: Quantitative (Math) 25 questions 30 minutes
Section 2: Reading Comprehension 40 questions based
on approximately 8–9
reading passages
40 minutes
Section 3: Verbal 60 questions 30 minutes
    30 Synonym
    30 Analogy questions  
Section 4: Quantitative (Math) 25 questions 30 minutes
Section 5: Experimental 16 questions 15 minutes

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