How is the ISEE test structured?

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How is the ISEE structured?

The ISEE is administered in five separately timed sections. The first four sections of the test are multiple-choice and contain some scored and some unscored questions. A total of 21 multiple-choice questions on the test are not scored. The essay, which is the final section of the ISEE, is also not scored. A photocopy of your essay is provided to each school as a writing sample.

Each multiple-choice question on the ISEE offers four answer choices. These are lettered (A), (B), (C), and (D).

Here is the ISEE format and timetable:

Format of a Typical ISEE

Section   Number of
Time Allowed
Section 1: Verbal Reasoning 40 questions 20 minutes
  Sentence Completions    
Section 2: Quantitative Reasoning 37 questions 35 minutes
  Numbers and Operations    
  Algebraic Concepts    
  Data Analysis and Probability    
  Applications/Higher Order Thinking    
  Quantitative Comparisons    
Section 3: Reading Comprehension 36 questions based
on 6 reading passages
40 minutes
  Humanities Passages    
  Science Passages    
  Social Studies Passages    
Section 4: Mathematics Achievement 47 questions 40 minutes
  Numbers and Operations    
  Algebraic Concepts    
  Geometric Concepts    
  Data Analysis and Probability    
Section 5: Essay 30 minutes  

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