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1. Pest is to annoying as plateau is to

  • A. level
  • B. calming
  • C. boring
  • D. curved
  • E. hilly

2. Survive is to succumb as swim is to

  • A. sail
  • B. dive
  • C. row
  • D. sink
  • E. float

3. Taunt is to tease as voluble is to

  • A. loud
  • B. large
  • C. talkative
  • D. willing
  • E. loyal

4. Tiara is to jewel as wreath is to

  • A. crown
  • B. flower
  • C. head
  • D. woman
  • E. door

5. Torrid is to extreme as temperate is to

  • A. warm
  • B. hot
  • C. climate
  • D. moderate
  • E. heat

6. Axle is to wheels as chain is to

  • A. necklace
  • B. handcuffs
  • C. door
  • D. gang
  • E. daisies

7. Peacock is to plumage as

  • A. lion is to mane
  • B. friend is to diamonds
  • C. coat is to tails
  • D. shine is to shoes
  • E. dowager is to furs

8. Quagmire is to quarry as

  • A. hunter is to prey
  • B. hide is to seek
  • C. mud is to stone
  • D. sink is to swim
  • E. find is to keep

9. Frog is to tadpole as

  • A. toad is to tree
  • B. mushroom is to toadstool
  • C. moth is to polliwog
  • D. butterfly is to caterpillar
  • E. imago is to earthworm

10. Cotton is to summer as

  • A. rain is to snow
  • B. wool is to winter
  • C. boll is to weevil
  • D. fur is to coat
  • E. leaf is to tree

11. Motion is to queasy as

  • A. itchy is to rash
  • B. unfamiliar is to strange
  • C. round is to dizzy
  • D. fever is to hot
  • E. ocean is to wavy

12. Nay is to yea as

  • A. voices is to hands
  • B. now is to later
  • C. horse is to sleigh
  • D. neither is to nor
  • E. negate is to affirm

13. Knocker is to doorbell as

  • A. pen is to pencil
  • B. sound is to alarm
  • C. strike is to hours
  • D. in is to out
  • E. pleasant is to unpleasant

14. Bullet is to gun as

  • A. blade is to hatchet
  • B. slingshot is to pebble
  • C. arrow is to bow
  • D. sword is to spear
  • E. victim is to target

15. Walrus is to seal as

  • A. cow is to calf
  • B. doe is to deer
  • C. elephant is to lizard
  • D. ram is to ewe
  • E. goose is to duck