SSAT Verbal: Analogies Practice Test 17

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Question 15 questions

Time 15 minutes

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1. Resignation is to sigh as

  • A. hope is to wish
  • B. faith is to pray
  • C. surprise is to gasp
  • D. terror is to fear
  • E. startle is to surprise

2. Lincoln is to Nebraska as

  • A. Washington is to Oregon
  • B. New York is to Kentucky
  • C. Chicago is to New York
  • D. Trenton is to New Jersey
  • E. Oregon is to Portland

3. Pencil is to sharpen as

  • A. knife is to cut
  • B. carpenter is to build
  • C. wood is to saw
  • D. well is to fill
  • E. saw is to ax

4. Finger is to hand as

  • A. arm is to sleeve
  • B. shoe is to foot
  • C. strand is to hair
  • D. blouse is to skirt
  • E. leg is to foot

5. Convex is to concave as

  • A. hill is to hole
  • B. in is to within
  • C. round is to square
  • D. nose is to mouth
  • E. under is to beneath

6. Cow is to milk as

  • A. rat is to cheese
  • B. bee is to honey
  • C. bird is to wing
  • D. cat is to dog
  • E. cat is to fish

7. Exercise is to reduce as

  • A. grumble is to resign
  • B. snow is to freeze
  • C. spending is to save
  • D. luck is to win
  • E. run is to race

8. Mountain is to peak as

  • A. hole is to hill
  • B. storm is to ocean
  • C. tide is to ocean
  • D. storm is to hurricane
  • E. wave is to crest

9. Food is to body as

  • A. fuel is to engine
  • B. bat is to ball
  • C. kite is to tail
  • D. mechanic is to engine
  • E. gasoline is to oil

10. Pressure is to barometer as

  • A. centimeter is to meter
  • B. speedometer is to distance
  • C. meter is to perimeter
  • D. comptometer is to comptroller
  • E. temperature is to thermometer

11. Famine is to abundance as

  • A. hunger is to starvation
  • B. squalor is to starvation
  • C. poverty is to wealth
  • D. famine is to hunger
  • E. wealth is to riches

12. Study is to studiously as

  • A. work is to learning
  • B. play is to playfully
  • C. book is to bookish
  • D. habit is to habitual
  • E. teach is to teacher

13. Discard is to delete as

  • A. attach is to detach
  • B. contagious is to spread
  • C. farther is to far
  • D. alter is to revise
  • E. tear is to mend

14. Reject is to aversion as

  • A. think is to consider
  • B. ponder is to desire
  • C. impose is to act
  • D. content is to change
  • E. choose is to preference

15. Measles is to disease as

  • A. felony is to crime
  • B. measles is to mumps
  • C. felony is to misdemeanor
  • D. crime is to law
  • E. law is to judge