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Question 15 questions

Time 15 minutes

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Directions: The questions that follow ask you to find relationships between words. For each question select the answer choice that best completes the meaning of the sentence.

1. Red is to pink as black is to

  • A. beige
  • B. white
  • C. dark
  • D. gray
  • E. brown

2. Youth is to young as maturity is to

  • A. people
  • B. parents
  • C. grandmother
  • D. old
  • E. child

3. One is to two as three is to

  • A. two
  • B. five
  • C. six
  • D. thirty
  • E. nine

4. Light is to lamp as heat is to

  • A. furnace
  • B. light
  • C. sun
  • D. room
  • E. hot

5. Week is to month as season is to

  • A. holiday
  • B. spring
  • C. harvest
  • D. planting
  • E. year

6. Square is to circle as rectangle is to

  • A. round
  • B. triangle
  • C. oval
  • D. cube
  • E. angle

7. Choir is to director as team is to

  • A. sport
  • B. coach
  • C. player
  • D. athlete
  • E. winner

8. Sand is to beach as black dirt is to

  • A. earth
  • B. plants
  • C. water
  • D. farm
  • E. soil

9. Table is to leg as automobile is to

  • A. wheel
  • B. axle
  • C. door
  • D. fuel
  • E. car

10. Arouse is to pacify as agitate is to

  • A. disrupt
  • B. ruffle
  • C. understand
  • D. ignore
  • E. smooth

11. Margarine is to butter as

  • A. cream is to milk
  • B. lace is to cotton
  • C. nylon is to silk
  • D. egg is to chicken
  • E. maple is to syrup

12. Woodsman is to axe as

  • A. carpenter is to saw
  • B. mechanic is to wrench
  • C. soldier is to gun
  • D. draftsman is to ruler
  • E. cowboy is to lasso

13. Worried is to hysterical as

  • A. hot is to cold
  • B. sad is to nervous
  • C. lonely is to crowded
  • D. happy is to serious
  • E. happy is to ecstatic

14. Control is to order as

  • A. joke is to clown
  • B. teacher is to pupil
  • C. disorder is to climax
  • D. anarchy is to chaos
  • E. classroom is to discipline

15. Horse is to foal as

  • A. donkey is to ass
  • B. cow is to calf
  • C. bull is to steer
  • D. whinny is to moo
  • E. ape is to chimpanzee