SSAT Upper Level Analogies Practice Test 23

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Question 15 questions

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1. Sculptor is to statue as

  • A. actor is to play
  • B. paint is to artist
  • C. composer is to music
  • D. orchestra is to conductor
  • E. programmer is to computer

2. Dreary is to happy as

  • A. light is to graceful
  • B. close is to narrow
  • C. dearth is to surplus
  • D. curtain is to play
  • E. interdict is to expect

3. Allow is to restrict as

  • A. gain is to success
  • B. seeing is to believing
  • C. heart is to soul
  • D. encourage is to prevent
  • E. terrible is to worse

4. Interrupt is to speak as

  • A. telephone is to telegraph
  • B. interfere is to assist
  • C. shout is to yell
  • D. intercede is to interfere
  • E. intrude is to enter

5. Modesty is to arrogance as

  • A. debility is to strength
  • B. cause is to purpose
  • C. hate is to emotion
  • D. finance is to poverty
  • E. agility is to stamina

6. Adversity is to happiness as

  • A. fear is to misfortune
  • B. solace is to sorrow
  • C. graduation is to superfluous
  • D. vehemence is to serenity
  • E. troublesome is to petulant

7. Extortionist is to blackmail as

  • A. kleptomaniac is to steal
  • B. criminal is to arrest
  • C. kidnapper is to crime
  • D. businessman is to profit
  • E. clerk is to stock

8. Monsoon is to rain as

  • A. hurricane is to destruction
  • B. tornado is to wind
  • C. sun is to spring
  • D. famine is to drought
  • E. morning is to dew

9. Introspective is to withdrawn as

  • A. hesitant is to hasty
  • B. quick is to feelings
  • C. introvert is to extrovert
  • D. import is to export
  • E. gregarious is to social

10. Equator is to world as

  • A. boundary is to country
  • B. capital is to state
  • C. fur is to animal
  • D. waist is to man
  • E. latitude is to longitude

11. Superficial is to surface as

  • A. probing is to deep
  • B. subway is to subterranean
  • C. crust is to Earth
  • D. tepid is to warm
  • E. internal is to external

12. Stagnant is to pond as

  • A. sandy is to river
  • B. noisy is to sheep
  • C. flowing is to stream
  • D. oceanic is to tide
  • E. tidal is to wave

13. Sanctuary is to fortress as

  • A. sanctum is to inner
  • B. shelter is to house
  • C. violent is to peaceful
  • D. guns is to fort
  • E. sanction is to assassinate

14. Mentor is to professor as

  • A. advisor is to counselor
  • B. child is to parent
  • C. learning is to teacher
  • D. mental is to physical
  • E. tooth is to dentist

15. Lucid is to clear as

  • A. sullen is to gloomy
  • B. furtive is to clever
  • C. potent is to weak
  • D. droll is to serious
  • E. pensive is to hanging