SSAT Verbal: Analogies Practice Test 16

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Question 15 questions

Time 15 minutes

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1. Wolf is to pack as

  • A. cow is to herd
  • B. cattle is to farmer
  • C. cow is to graze
  • D. farmer is to farm
  • E. flock is to geese

2. Leave is to stay as depart is to

  • A. home
  • B. disembark
  • C. run
  • D. remain
  • E. exit

3. Car is to mechanic as people is to

  • A. butcher
  • B. lawyer
  • C. spouse
  • D. doctor
  • E. teacher

4. Forest is to tree as crowd is to

  • A. person
  • B. alone
  • C. men
  • D. many
  • E. crowded

5. Fiction is to novelist as fact is to

  • A. legend
  • B. story
  • C. historian
  • D. research
  • E. essay

6. Stranger is to strange as

  • A. oddest is to odd
  • B. artist is to artistic
  • C. art is to artist
  • D. satirist is to artist
  • E. paint is to painter

7. Librarian is to library as

  • A. school is to education
  • B. office is to principal
  • C. student is to school
  • D. gymnasium is to workout
  • E. teacher is to school

8. Sickness is to health as death is to

  • A. mortician
  • B. skull
  • C. old
  • D. pirate
  • E. life

9. Inventor is to machine as author is to

  • A. book
  • B. poet
  • C. creator
  • D. computer
  • E. artist

10. Weight is to pound as distance is to

  • A. liter
  • B. mile
  • C. ruler
  • D. space
  • E. race

11. Conceal is to reveal as ascend is to

  • A. embark
  • B. descend
  • C. mount
  • D. leave
  • E. climb

12. Cape is to continent as

  • A. ocean is to lake
  • B. lake is to reservoir
  • C. reservoir is to water
  • D. gulf is to ocean
  • E. river is to pond

13. Vision is to lens as

  • A. hospital is to doctor
  • B. crutch is to legs
  • C. walking is to paralysis
  • D. doctor is to paralysis
  • E. mobility is to crutches

14. Bus is to road as

  • A. wheel is to street
  • B. steel is to rails
  • C. locomotive is to track
  • D. locomotive is to steam
  • E. train is to car

15. Year is to July as

  • A. week is to month
  • B. day is to week
  • C. month is to century
  • D. millimeter is to centimeter
  • E. meter is to centimeter