SSAT Upper Level Verbal: Analogies Practice Test 26

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Question 16 questions

Time 16 minutes

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1. Enmity is to hostility as chauffeur is to

  • A. poet
  • B. greed
  • C. cobbler
  • D. chef
  • E. driver

2. Plumage is to cardinal as

  • A. coat is to leopard
  • B. army is to ants
  • C. mink is to collar
  • D. wool is to blanket
  • E. mange is to dog

3. Tsunami is to ocean as

  • A. hurricane is to lantern
  • B. sushi is to seafood
  • C. avalanche is to mountain
  • D. tournament is to playground
  • E. sudoku is to KenKen

4. Rival is to competition as ally is to

  • A. avarice
  • B. folly
  • C. affiliation
  • D. affection
  • E. constriction

5. Peculiar is to bizarre as

  • A. anxious is to relaxed
  • B. brave is to jealous
  • C. verbose is to shy
  • D. plain is to austere
  • E. homely is to pretty

6. Muffler is to neck as

  • A. lock is to head
  • B. radiator is to ankle
  • C. mitten is to hand
  • D. shroud is to wrist
  • E. spear is to finger

7. Microphone is to announcer as camera is to

  • A. starlet
  • B. singer
  • C. model
  • D. physician
  • E. photographer

8. Whirlpool is to eddy as

  • A. candor is to honesty
  • B. tornado is to gust
  • C. spat is to war
  • D. cyclone is to water
  • E. freezer is to cooler

9. Imply is to insinuate as

  • A. apply is to evaluate
  • B. deploy is to attack
  • C. infer is to deduce
  • D. coach is to induce
  • E. assign is to attenuate

10. Stout is to obese as

  • A. hale is to hearty
  • B. slender is to slim
  • C. generous is to charitable
  • D. adequate is to outstanding
  • E. intentional is to purposeful

11. Worry is to dread as

  • A. joy is to gladness
  • B. glee is to jubilation
  • C. grief is to concern
  • D. sadness is to anguish
  • E. loyalty is to fidelity

12. Seldom is to frequent as intermittent is to

  • A. independent
  • B. consistent
  • C. strident
  • D. persistent
  • E. obedient

13. Lithium is to titanium as

  • A. nickel is to platinum
  • B. granite is to cement
  • C. tar is to pavement
  • D. gold is to metal
  • E. silver is to coin

14. Grimace is to pain as

  • A. wince is to pleasure
  • B. flinch is to approval
  • C. scowl is to anger
  • D. yawn is to sympathy
  • E. whisper is to scream

15. Silo is to wheat as

  • A. fork is to road
  • B. warehouse is to merchandise
  • C. missile is to bomb
  • D. pod is to whales
  • E. lake is to salt

16. Request is to demand as

  • A. blank is to white
  • B. proposal is to marry
  • C. buy is to sell
  • D. desire is to grant
  • E. advise is to order