SSAT Verbal: Analogies Practice Test 32

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Question 15 questions

Time 8 minutes

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1. Maple tree is to syrup as

  • A. coffee is to bean
  • B. orange is to juice
  • C. seed is to grass
  • D. chip is to chocolate
  • E. wheat is to bread

2. Envious is to jealous as

  • A. melancholic is to mournful
  • B. distressed is to dismayed
  • C. entertained is to amused
  • D. happy is to joyful
  • E. sorry is to regretful

3. Knitter is to needles as

  • A. teacher is to test
  • B. diver is to ocean
  • C. chef is to apron
  • D. singer is to recording
  • E. boxer is to gloves

4. Claw is to cat as

  • A. tail is to donkey
  • B. shell is to turtle
  • C. fang is to snake
  • D. talon is to eagle
  • E. hand is to clock

5. Surprise is to startle

  • A. choose is to grab
  • B. inflate is to breathe
  • C. destroy is to ruin
  • D. need is to want
  • E. mix is to bake

6. Scene is to play as

  • A. stage is to screen
  • B. projector is to movie
  • C. car is to engine
  • D. chapter is to book
  • E. award is to actor

7. Aquatic is to water as terrestrial is to

  • A. outer space
  • B. island
  • C. rocket
  • D. land
  • E. planet

8. Passenger is to bus as

  • A. cargo is to ship
  • B. pilot is to plane
  • C. bicycle is to motorist
  • D. motor is to boat
  • E. freight is to rail

9. Seed is to rind as

  • A. socket is to plug
  • B. bark is to branch
  • C. spark is to light
  • D. knob is to door
  • E. propeller is to plane

10. Malign is to disparage as

  • A. elate is to enjoy
  • B. irritate is to bother
  • C. emulate is to deprecate
  • D. ask is to say
  • E. ponder is to worry

11. Shoreline is to ocean as

  • A. horizon is to sunrise
  • B. wave is to water
  • C. lake is to river
  • D. current is to tide
  • E. border is to country

12. Shark is to hammerhead as bear is to

  • A. arctic
  • B. cub
  • C. moose
  • D. polar
  • E. paw

13. Sociologist is to behavior as

  • A. ballerina is to slipper
  • B. writer is to computer
  • C. zoologist is to tree
  • D. chef is to meal
  • E. archaeologist is to artifact

14. Hold is to grip as

  • A. jump is to bounce
  • B. jog is to sprint
  • C. drive is to fast
  • D. speak is to tell
  • E. talk is to speech

15. Player is to team as

  • A. guide is to tour
  • B. membership is to club
  • C. actor is to cast
  • D. herd is to pack
  • E. principal is to school