Common Suffix Word Part List

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Suffix Meaning Example
able, ible capable of applicable, reversible (adj.)
age place, thing, idea storage (n.)
al pertaining to instructional (adj.)
ance relating to reliance (n.)
ary relating to dictionary (n.)
ate an action of confiscate (v.)
cy the quality of democracy (n.)
ed past action subsided (v.)
ence relating to confidence (n.)
er, or one who adviser, actor (n.)
ic pertaining to democratic (adj.)
ing present action surmising (v.)
ion the act or state of radiation (n.)
ious full of rebellious (adj.)
ive having the quality of creative (adj.)
ize to make harmonize (v.)
ly to do with the quality of carefully (adv.)
ment the result of amusement (n.)
ness the quality of being selfishness (n.)
ty condition of being sanity (n.)

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