Common Stem Word Part List

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Stem Meaning Example
ag, ac do agenda, action
agri farm agriculture
aqua water aquatic
auto self automatic
biblio book bibliography
bio life biography
cad, cas fall cadence, casual
cap, cep, cept take captive, accept
capit head capital
ced, cede, ceed, cess go intercede
celer speed accelerate
chrom color monochromatic
chron time chronological
cide, cis cut incision
clude, clud, clus close, close in include, cluster
cog, cogn knowledge of recognize
cur, curs run incur, recur
ded give dedicate
dent, dont tooth dental
duce, duct lead induce, deduct
fact, feet, fict make, do perfect, fiction
fer, late carry refer, dilate
flect, flex bend, turn reflect
fring, fract break infringe, refract
graph, gram picture, writing graphic, telegram
greg group, gather gregarious
gress, grad move progress, degrade
hydr water hydrate
ject throw inject
jud right judicial
junct join conjunction
juris law, justice jurist
lect, leg read, choose collect
logue speech, speaking dialogue
logy study of psychology
loq, loc speak elocution
lude, lus play, perform elude
manu by hand manuscript
mand order remand
mar sea maritime
med middle intermediate
ment, mem mind, memory mention
meter measure thermometer
micro small microscope
min lessen miniature
mis, miss, mit send remit, dismiss
mot, mov move remote, remove
mute change commute
naut sailor, sail nautical
nounce, nunci declare, state announce, enunciate
ped, pod foot pedal
pel, pulse drive, push dispel, impulse
pend, pense hang, way depend, dispense
plac please placate
plic fold implicate
port carry portable
pose, pone put, place depose, component
reg, rect rule regulate, direct
rupt break disruption
scend, scent move ascent
scribe, script write describe
sec, sect cut bisect
sed remain sedentary
sert state, place insert
serve keep, save preserve
sist stand, set insist
spect look inspect
spire, spirat breath, breathe perspire
strict tighten restrict
tain hold detain
term end terminate
tort twist distort
tract draw, drag detract
vene, vent come intervene, invent
vict overcome, conquer evict
volve, volu roll, turn evolve, evolution

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