ISEE Reading Comprehension: main idea (2) Practice Test 8

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The dangers to which migratory birds are subjected during their journeys are but little less than those that would befall them if they remained in unsuitable zones. During long oversea passages, fatigue and hunger weed out the weaklings. Sudden storms and adverse winds strike migrating birds where no land is near, and they are often carried far from their intended destinations. Predatory birds accompany them, taking a toll en route, and predatory man waits for the tired wanderers with gun and net.

1. Which title best expresses the main idea of this passage?

  • A. Dangers of Storms
  • B. Perils of Migration
  • C. Unsuitable Environment
  • D. How Birds Reach Goals

In his library at Monticello, Jefferson made hundreds of architectural drawings, all of which have been preserved. He must have had a great gift of concentration and a real love for his subject to be able to work in a room with such an outlook. And what energy he had to find time and will for this precise and exquisite work was also devoted to riding over his estate, working in his garden, and carrying out correspondence with everyone from the Marquis de Lafayette to his youngest grandchild. "Something pursued with ardor" was Jefferson's prescription for life, and he got the last ounce of excitement and interest out of everything that came to his notice.

2. The main idea of this selection is expressed in which title?

  • A. The Library at Monticello
  • B. The Care of the Estate
  • C. A Full Life
  • D. Jefferson, the Architect

Specific types of lighting are required at first-class airports by the Department of Commerce. To identify an airport, there must be a beacon light of not less than 100,000 candle power, with a beam that properly distributes light up in the air so that it can be seen all around the horizon from an altitude of 500 to 2000 feet. All flashing beacons must have a definite Morse code characteristic to aid in identification. Colored lights are required to indicate where the safe area for landing ends, red lights being used where landing is particularly dangerous.

3. Which is the best title for this selection?

  • A. Landing Areas
  • B. Colored Lights at Airports
  • C. Identification of Airports
  • D. Airport Lighting Requirements