ISEE Reading Comprehension: Finding Information Practice Test 19

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1. According to the passage, which is true of movements?

  • A. They always succeed.
  • B. Various groups work together.
  • C. They were most successful in the 1970s.
  • D. Change cannot occur without movements.

2. It can be inferred that Juarez feels pressure because

  • A. his job is very demanding.
  • B. his mother is so well known.
  • C. he dislikes the practice of law.
  • D. he refused to take his mother's advice.

3. The author could enjoy the colors of the sunrise by

  • A. diving into the lake from his roof.
  • B. viewing the lake from his living room.
  • C. watching the fireflies in his living room.
  • D. dancing with his brothers on clear autumn days.

4. It can be inferred from the passage that "stalking prey" may be

  • A. fun for adult animals.
  • B. a skill developed through play.
  • C. a requirement for mating in the wild.
  • D. dangerous before the animal brain is fully developed.

5. In the final sentence, the author suggests that

  • A. the Mona Lisa is not da Vinci's best painting.
  • B. a painting's artistic merits may not fully explain its fame.
  • C. a person's subconscious may find more in the Mona Lisa than meets the eye.
  • D. the Mona Lisa would be less famous if it weren't for the eyes, hand, and smile.