ISEE Reading Comprehension: main idea (1) Practice Test 7

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At a distance of approximately 250,000 miles from Earth, the moon is our nearest celestial neighbor. A rugged terrain of mountains, cliffs, plains, and craters covers this globe of 2,000 miles in diameter, but this landscape contains no water. There is no precipitation of any kind on the moon because it lacks an atmosphere. For the same reason, a constant barrage of meteorites and other space debris reaches its surface without hindrance. The beautiful, silvery moon is, in actuality, a barren desert, suffering from great extremes of temperature and devoid of any life as we know it.

1. Which title best expresses the main idea of this selection?

  • A. Landscapes in Space
  • B. Life on the Moon
  • C. The Moon's Atmosphere
  • D. Conditions on the Moon

The more complicated our thoughts and emotions, the less effective is language as a tool of expression. This is not a simple matter of style or eloquence, for even the finest speakers and writers, using the most sensitive language, would be incapable of putting certain thoughts into words. For this reason, many people use poetry and music instead of prose. These two forms of communication convey subtle yet powerful meanings that cannot be expressed with ordinary words.

2. Which title best expresses the theme of this selection?

  • A. Words, Poetry, and Music
  • B. The Hidden Meanings of Words
  • C. The Eloquence of Fine Speakers
  • D. Limitations of Language

The Caribbean Sea is to North and South America what the Mediterranean is to the European continent—a central sea. The American body of water is not landlocked. Double strings of islands—the Cuba group and the Bahamas—form an arc at the Atlantic entrance, and this arc is now firmly fortified. Since the Mediterranean of the West is the passage between the Americas, it must be controlled by these countries in order to carry on trade.

This sea is as necessary to the Caribbean countries as the Mediterranean is to Italy. The countries of this area produce large quantities of oil, tropical fruits, and vegetables. They are also rich in minerals. This region is capable of supplying the United States with many goods formerly imported from Africa and Asia. In exchange, the countries of this region need the manufactured goods that can be provided only by an industrial nation.

3. The Caribbean Sea and the Mediterranean are alike with respect to their

  • A. variety of exports.
  • B. epidemics of serious diseases.
  • C. geographical importance.
  • D. living standards.