ISEE Reading Comprehension: details (2) Practice Test 10

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Track-and-field events are the only modern sports that would be recognizable in their original form. They can be traced back more than 2,500 years to the ancient civilization of Greece. The Greeks held their athletes in high esteem, and champions were looked upon as national heroes.

The Greeks began the original Olympic games for the purpose of assembling the greatest athletes of their country. The games were religious pageants as well as peerless athletic events and were held every four years for more than eight centuries.

1. In ancient Greece, athletes were

  • A. trained as professionals.
  • B. forced to participate in the games.
  • C. usually defeated by the Romans.
  • D. regarded very highly by the public.

2. The present-day Olympics

  • A. have a 2,500-year-old history.
  • B. are religious pageants.
  • C. have been held every four years for eight centuries.
  • D. are completely different from the Greek games.

Observe the people who make an abiding impression of strength and goodness and you will see that their personal attractiveness and force are rooted in fundamentals of character. They have the physical vitality, endurance, and courage that come from good living. They have the mental stamina and penetration that come from facing up to one's problems, however difficult, and from keeping one's mind on things that really matter. They have the moral power that comes from an active sense of what is right, from doing their part to make truth, justice, and beauty prevail in the world. They have the inner peace and grace that are the basics of a truly charismatic personality. People trust them, like to be with them, and depend on them in emergencies. They are the salt of the earth.

3. A quality NOT mentioned by the author is

  • A. courage.
  • B. dependability.
  • C. tolerance.
  • D. inner grace.

Although you may still enjoy fairy tales, they probably do not engross you to the degree that they might have a few years ago. Fairy tales belong primarily to a stage in our lives when we are most interested by the world of fantasy. Goblins, wizards, and dwarfs appeal to the young child's wandering imagination and contribute greatly to the development of creativity, but it is a temporary infatuation.

As we grow older, real challenges begin to interest us more. The imaginary victories brought about by fairy godmothers lose their power of enchantment, and we become absorbed in the stories of real people, real success, and real accomplishment. The fascination of "Jack the Giant Killer" gives way to a keen interest in Commander Byrd's Antarctic exploration, Helen Keller's biography, or the harrowing adventures of spelunkers, deep-sea divers, and mountain climbers. This step marks one of the first great advances in the process of intellectual maturation.

4. Young children are primarily interested in

  • A. fantasy stories.
  • B. horror stories.
  • C. goblins and witches.
  • D. adventure stories.

5. People become interested in real-life stories when they

  • A. are young.
  • B. are adults.
  • C. begin to mature.
  • D. are bored.